Monday, September 24, 2012

Life Is Tweet............Key Lime Style

Hello! So we have a couple of very cute, children's collections.  The first is Life Is Tweet.  It is so-o-o cute! With whimsical birds and trees, cute bugs, swirls, bubbly dots, & crowns – it appeals to every little princess for nurseries, bedrooms, & dresses. Designed by Stephanie Marrott for Wilmington Prints.  It has a very sweet  panel and border stripe.  You can find the project sheet from Wilmington here or you can create your own masterpiece.

Life Is Tweet

Next, is Bungle Jungle.  I love this one.   You can get crafty with a whole herd of cute critters and they won't bite.  This collection has lots of fun prints.  I especially like the dashed stationary print.  I even remember learning to write my letters on that paper, so did my children.  Tim and Beck are new designers for Moda and this is their premier collection.  Who doesn't love parachuting monkeys or elephants on parade?

Bungle Jungle

And finally........the Key Lime Cupcake with Key Lime Curd!  What a refreshing way to wrap up summer.  I have to admit, I'm not a fan of lime, but these were pretty darn good!  I know I say that A LOT, but this Cupcake Sunday experience has forced me to open my palette to more than just chocolate  ( I feel like a traitor for even saying it).  This cupcake is from Cupcake Wars Spiderman Episode and is courtesy of Rebecca Grammer-Ybarra of Suite 106 Cupcakery.  I think they have won Cupcake Wars twice.  We were not able to get into the fancy decorations like they did.  I know Daughter #2 would like to.  She has asked if we can start working with fondant - yikes!  It was late before we got started.   Almost every grocery store within 10 miles was out of key limes.  I see them there all the time. Of course,  when we need them, they are out :(  I finally found them at Sunflower Market.  I felt bad because this recipe was kind of time consuming (or maybe it was just us) and she didn't get into bed until after 10:00 on a school night.  Daughter #2 likes to do most of the work herself and zesting a dozen limes takes time.  You need the lime zest for the batter, curd filling and the frosting and they are so tiny compared to a regular lime.   It was wearing me out watching.  They were delightful though.  The key lime cream cheese frosting was yummy and so was the key lime curd filling.  Although we did not use the 2 cups of pop rocks candy in the curd.  The only place around here that has pop rocks is Party City.  They are $1 for a tiny envelope and I wasn't willing to spend $50 on pop rocks to make the 2 cups!   I really don't think we missed them anyway.  If you like key lime, you will really enjoy these cupcakes!

Key Lime Cupcake with Key Lime Curd

Bon Appetit!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

National Anthem

Check out this very cool and unique version of our National Anthem!

These guys are great!  The lead singer served in our U.S. Navy for four years.  He sings with such conviction (not to mention he's kind of cutie).  The video gave me chills!  God Bless America!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Blueberry Blossoms

I have always wanted to make something special for my sister.  I am very lucky, because not only is she my sister, she is my best friend.  While we are living thousands of miles apart, we have managed to stay close.  I miss her dearly, but I usually talk to her everyday (at least twice and sometimes more often than that).  She is how I start and end my day.  And even  those few times that we get busy with our everyday lives and families and miss a day, I know that we are always in each other's thoughts and hearts.  I opened my shop six years ago and have always wanted to make something for her, but just couldn't find the perfect fabrics or pattern - who knows the excuse at the time.  I knew eventually that I would find something that was "her".  She (and I) love turquoise and blue.  I knew when Me and My Sister's Twirl collection arrived that they would be perfect.  Besides, she replied to one of our emails that she thought this print would make wonderful pajama bottoms.  Hint, hint.

 Well, she didn't get the pajama bottoms (at least not yet), but I did make her five, one of a kind pillowcases and this beautiful quilt:

Simply beautiful just like my sister.  How fitting to use fabric from Me & My Sister Designs.  I was so happy with it that we decided to share the love and kit it up.   I wish you could see the stitching.  It is quilted with a butterfly wing pattern, which really compliments all of flowers.  Such a good feeling to know that when she is snuggled under this happy quilt, she will always be thinking of me.