Thursday, January 24, 2013

A little something sweet!

I just love Chez Moi's Coquette Collection.  The colors are just yummy.  We decided to call our new kit, Cotton Candy Quilt.  The fabric just reminds me of cotton candy (with a little chocolate sprinkled in here and there).  How could you go wrong?  The pattern is simple, and it really showcases the large scale prints.  The florals are so pretty that I just couldn't bare to chop them up into little pieces.  So Voila!
Cotton Candy Quilt

Speaking of something sweet.........Daughter #2 has been at it again.  My dad is a huge chocoholic and he had always had chocolate cake with this amazing chocolate fudge frosting on his birthday.  The frosting calls for a package of pudding and is wonderful, or, at least, it was.  About 10 years ago, we could no longer make the frosting.  Something has changed in one of the ingredients.  I don't know if it is in the margarine or pudding, but it comes out like slime every time.  We have all tried to make it - changing out some ingredient (butter, marg. instant, cook and serve, etc).  No Luck!  He has been so disappointed for so many years.   Anyway, for his birthday this year, he agreed to have cupcakes instead of cake, so that Daughter #2 could work her magic.  Plus, when you are 10, it is a pretty big deal to be the one to make your Papa's birthday cake (or cupcakes).  Daughter #2 and I searched the web to find the most wonderful chocolatey recipe we could find.  This is what she found:  Triple Chocolate Cupcakes.
She always likes to choose a recipe from the Cupcakes Wars and was a little put off that we were looking outside of their website.  Until she realized that the recipe she choose is from a Cupcake Wars Winner's blog.  How funny.  I don't think the baker used this recipe on the show though.  She has many wonderful recipes on her blog, Dollhouse Bake Shoppe.  We will definitely be trying some of her other recipes. 
 These were so good, they were ridiculous!  And, Daughter #2 is perfecting her decorating skills quite nicely.  The only thing we decided to do next time is to add chocolate chips to the batter (minis - regular chips will sink to the bottom).  Any chocoholic knows that the best thing to add to chocolate is more chocolate!