Monday, October 22, 2012

What a Shining Star!

Last week, Comedy Central hosted A Night of Too Many Stars which is fundraiser for educational programs for autism.  It was a pretty funny show - lots of comedians and talent.  There was one performance that stole the show and rocked the house.  Katy Perry performed an amazing duet with a beautiful little girl named Jodi who happens to have autism.  I think this is one of the best things I have ever seen.  Like many other parents out there, I can relate wholeheartedly to Jodi & her family.  I can remember receiving a diagnosis and being told what my child couldn't or would never do.  I thank God everyday that we are our daughter's parents.  I realize now that we were chosen, because we would fight for our girl now matter what and ignore all the misconceptions that go along with Autism.  Our girl has come a long way.  She has worked so hard and while she may have autism, it doesn't have her.  I don't have time for anyone who uses the word "can't" or "never".  These are some amazing and extraordinary people who have so much to offer this world.  The best advice I can give any parent of a child with Autism is never settle, never stop fighting, and always believe in your child.  If given the chance, they have no limitations. No matter what the "experts" say.  There are amazing kids and people out there proving that everyday. God bless them all.  Thank you DiPiazza family.  You and Jodi are an inspiration!


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